Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth

Well, okay, not the greatest show, but definitely not the worst either.
I had intended to make more art for the art studio tour, but I got wrapped up in how fun it was to paint these gigantic set pieces. So fun.

Speaking of fun, on Halloween I was struck by how everything is funnier with a wig, and I vowed to incorporate them into regular life. Soon after, I went to court to fight a ticket and forgot to wear a wig! Total missed opportunity. The judge treated me like a naughty teenager (add judges to my list of authority figures I resent) so I might as well have been having myself a fun private prank. It was later pointed out to me that one should avoid dressing as Princess Leia when going to court (oh yeah, you're going to want to click on that link to see Liz Lemon's Princess Leia court bit).

I have to say that the folks coming through the studio were probably the most supportive audience I have ever shown to. Takes the sting out of all those wounds left over from brutal art school critiques.
Funny thing, not one person asked, "Don't you think your art is a bit didactic?" Although I was told, "French-Alpines would make excellent painting subjects," and I had to agree. But I did go on to ask myself questions like,"What is the nuance of goat?" and "Why are sheep assumed to be followers and not leaders?"

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