Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Too busy making art to blog about it.

And by "art", I mean "pet portrait" (hey, it counts). Here is a commission I just finished.

I said Babbino, not Bambino

O Mio Babbino Caro is the highly recognizable aria from Gianni Schichi, imprinted into the brains of anyone who saw the movie A Room With a View.  Can't wait to hear it sung live at the Vashon Opera.
Here are some of the flats installed in the set barn (ignore the big post in the middle which is not part of the set).
I saved the trompe l'oeil bookcase until the last minute when I had a chance to learn how to do it from watching YouTube videos. Someone said I should write mischievous titles on the books, for fun.
Thanks to the crew of Vashon Opera volunteers who worked on it with me.

Backwards and in high heels

 I heard it said that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astair did, only backwards, and in high heels. I was left with a similar feeling painting sets for Romeo and Juliet. remember the nutcracker where we had many hours in the auditorium to paint and rock out to Cee Lo Green's Christmas CD?  Not so with Romeo and Juliet where we could only paint during actual rehearsals.  Paint a set in a few days? No sweat. So I found myself doing everything a painter does only on a ladder, above dancing children, with periodic blackouts, which makes it so much more exciting. Better still is that I am now over my fear of heights (thanks to Jan who taught me to hang off that ladder like it was no big deal).