Monday, July 15, 2013

Priming the pump

I'm not sure why it has been so hard to start my summer art projects, but there it is. These pets were a good place to start. The photos I was drawing from were high quality, high contrast and well composed. From there it just took a little Al Green in the background, and I was happy to gaze into the eyes of these precious beasts.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back on the chain gang

I have been doing some set work for Drama Dock's production of Into the Woods, running July 19-21 and 25-28 at Bethel Church. I was back at the barn, painting a tree on an especially rare, sunny day. Déjà vu spring 2013. One main difference is that I am just copying someone else's design, free from having to make any executive decisions. Phew.

I took a picture of the warm, pastoral landscape outside of the barn, proof of my artistic dedication (or proof that I don't know how to say "no").

I wish I could take credit for this painting/design, but all I did was to copy the image.  I used multiple glaze coats to try to capture the feel of the original ink illustration.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Big Fat Liar

This is what my garden looks like if I am too busy making art to garden. That's what I tell myself. As if there are two choices: art or garden. The truth is I have no time for art or garden because I have been too busy rearranging the furniture and watching foreign films.

Those Dr. Seuss-ish pods are leeks going to seed, by the way. And then there is the tower of lettuce.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Beach* is Back

When I became a teacher, I decided to change my name so that if Laura Strand the artist chose to do something foolish, it wouldn't hurt the reputation of Mrs. Whitmore, first grade teacher. It was a safeguard to avoid the need to censor myself artistically. Oh we had fun, Eve White and Eve Black.

Fast forward 15 years, and Laura Strand is drawing and painting animals. Sure, the animals are nude, and they do drink and swear, but they are otherwise pretty tame. Which means I no longer need an alias for my day job (though I should probably get one for Karaoke).  

My ham-fisted artist signature hasn't changed much since 9th grade. Fact is, in art school we were taught to not sign our work. For one thing, work in school is not to be taken that seriously. Also, signing art can be antiquated if not irrelevant in a world of digital and conceptual art. Oh, how cute, she signed her name!

*In my case, strand is a Norwegian word meaning beach.