Monday, July 15, 2013

Priming the pump

I'm not sure why it has been so hard to start my summer art projects, but there it is. These pets were a good place to start. The photos I was drawing from were high quality, high contrast and well composed. From there it just took a little Al Green in the background, and I was happy to gaze into the eyes of these precious beasts.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back on the chain gang

I have been doing some set work for Drama Dock's production of Into the Woods, running July 19-21 and 25-28 at Bethel Church. I was back at the barn, painting a tree on an especially rare, sunny day. Déjà vu spring 2013. One main difference is that I am just copying someone else's design, free from having to make any executive decisions. Phew.

I took a picture of the warm, pastoral landscape outside of the barn, proof of my artistic dedication (or proof that I don't know how to say "no").

I wish I could take credit for this painting/design, but all I did was to copy the image.  I used multiple glaze coats to try to capture the feel of the original ink illustration.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Big Fat Liar

This is what my garden looks like if I am too busy making art to garden. That's what I tell myself. As if there are two choices: art or garden. The truth is I have no time for art or garden because I have been too busy rearranging the furniture and watching foreign films.

Those Dr. Seuss-ish pods are leeks going to seed, by the way. And then there is the tower of lettuce.