Monday, September 3, 2012

I love the smell of tempera paint in the morning

Just about ready for the new school year.  This will be my first year as an art teacher.  I have been teaching elementary school for 13 years, including many an art lesson.  But this will be different.  Five periods a day of art classes coming and going, kindergarten through fifth grade. I can't wait.

I put a mural at the entrance to the room, and continued it onto the back wall.  It feels like stepping into a painting.  My hope is that it will creat a slight shift in awareness as we enter the room, readying us for artmaking.

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  1. I totally know this feeling! I found your blog post because I googled, "I love the smell of tempera paint." I wanted to see if anyone out there felt the same way. I too am an art teacher. All day, every day I made art and teach art making. It is an amazing job and we are lucky to have experienced something like it!
    Earth without art is Eh.