Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's a Product, It's a Process

"Not that he had a choice, but he always preferred renting.
That way, if anything broke, it wasn't his problem."

I like the idea of adding text that looks like it is going to be inspirational, but instead is absurd and irreverent.

Apparently I am not yet tired of ridiculously cute kitties.  I wish I were being ironic about them, but no such luck.
I have been adjusting my studio space to accommodate the evolution of my artmaking process.  I have often alternated between oil and acrylic paint, but now I am collaging/sewing/gluing/painting fabrics.  This new process has meant new mediums/adhesives (UV protection, archival, acid-free, and so on).  I was collaging fabrics by sewing them together, but I have been experimenting with gluing instead. And then there is the collection of fabrics, growing by the minute.  There has been a great deal of improvisation to this new process (and surprisingly, a lot of drying time with all the layers and mediums).  You can see the process laid out a bit here in these photos.

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