Saturday, January 15, 2011

Willa goes to Hollywood

Eventually my interest in combining words and art led to making a book titled “Willa,” a story about a young woman moving to Hollywood.  I made it just before dropping out of art school, at a time when I was completely fed up with living in L.A. (not coincidentally, it was shortly after the L.A. riots of 1992).  Although there were kernels of autobiography in the story, it really was about inventing this character, a na├»ve and hapless Willa.  Each page was a collage of fabric and found objects and it was all sown together. Some of the pages have parts you have to open, push, or otherwise move to be able to read the text (which makes it hard to photograph).   Of all the old work I have so far pulled out and sifted through, this is the piece that most makes me want to rediscover that old path.  Take it up again where I left off, wherever that is.  More to come.

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