Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm Back!

figure drawing studio, December 2010

Back at square one, drawing figures like a first year art student.  It feels like my slate was accidentally wiped clean.  This is both exciting and mildly depressing.  It’s exciting to be going to this weekly open figure drawing studio on the island.  It’s exciting to be back in that moment that is all promise, of learning how to really see, of building skills, unaware of the upcoming salt in the wounds that is artmaking.  For now, it feels like a warm bath with Epsom salt. 
It is mildly depressing to imagine where my work might have been had I not stepped away from it for these past twelve years.  So many of my college friends kept their nose to the grindstone and their work has grown and evolved and they exhibit nationally, internationally.  I have posted links for some of these brilliant peers of mine as well as some of our teachers, mostly because I like putting myself in their company, but also because I genuinely like their work, and these artists were influences for me in my formative years.  My Rosetta Stone.

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